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Boutique hotel is the term generally given to smaller hotels (less than 100 rooms) which are stylish and are located in fashionable urban areas. With 82 rooms and located 400m from a beach and 500m from a shopping center, the stylish La Isla Y El Mar hotel in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote certainly fits into that category. Although Lanzarote is a very popular tourist destination, until now, it has not had too many boutique hotels as the island usually caters to the mass tourism industry with hundreds of tourists turning up on charter flights on a regular basis. The sheer numbers that arrive require that the hotels are large which unfortunately all too often also makes them impersonal.

Lanzarote though is one mass tourist destination though that is trying to change its image from one that only caters to mass tourism to one that caters to both mass tourism and the more discerning individual traveller. As they are travelling on their own or in a family group, the individual travellers like to receive a personal touch where ever the chose to stay and it are the boutique hotels like the La Isla y el Mar that can cater to that. This hotel only recently opened and opened especially with the hoped for new look, that the island wants, in mind. Although it is close to the shops and the beach which is what most foreign visitors come to the island for, it also provides its own features so that its guests have a choice of what they like to do each day. They can go out and about mingling with the mass tourists on the sometimes overcrowded beaches or they can have a more relaxed day hanging out on the hotel’s terrace which offers some of the island’s best views of the ocean. The terrace of course features a swimming pool so guests can easily cool off and a facility selling snacks and cocktails.

If the guests want even more relaxation than a day by the pool can offer, the hotel also has a spa. The professionals in the spa are there to pamper you with treatments which are internationally acclaimed or with local, more traditional treatments. The spa’s specialty is to offer couples a ‘his and her’ treat somewhat unique to the hotel but always relaxing and pleasant. Most visitors to the island like to try some of the local dishes and the two hotel restaurants acknowledge this by having local treats as well as international favourites available. One of the restaurants features an a la carte menu but among the delights on offer is modern fusion cuisine whilst the second restaurant offers a more relaxed buffet style meal. The buffet also features both local and international choices and there is an excellent wine list so guests can choose the ideal wine to accompany their choice. If this hotel is an example of what Lanzarote hopes to offer in the future, it should soon earn a reputation as a favourite for individual travellers as well as the mass tourism visitors.

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