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It is not always easy to choose a gift for a man, especially if that man is not a member of the family, perhaps a best man at a wedding or someone that just deserved a gift for assisting you at one time or another. The task of choosing a gift for a man was made easier though in 2011 when groomsmen gifts appeared online to be bought. These are a range of gifts offered by the company Bullets2Bandages and only available online and so it is unlikely that the recipient has already received a similar gift in the past.

Although these gifts are already unique for reasons I will mention later, they are guaranteed to be unique by the fact that each of them can be personalized by etching or engraving, perhaps placing the recipient’s name and date the gift was given on each of the individual items. The gifts themselves though are quite unique even without any type of personalization as they are all designed with military ammunition as their theme. Many of the items, like the 50mm bottle opener are actually made from used military ammunition cartridges but others, like the 0.50 caliber coasters may only look as though they are military ammunition. Many of these items are so realistic looking that although they are perfectly legal, may cause some attention at airport security desks.

Other items on the list of gifts are key chains, whiskey bullets, shot glasses and cuff links, all items that are practical as well as unique. Originally these gifts were intended for men only and so came in only colours of silver, black or OD Green but after several requests from ladies the company included pink as one of their options. The gifts were designed as gifts for a best man but obviously they make excellent gifts for any man on any occasion and have become particularly popular around father’s day.

The company’s inventory has grown since first starting in 2011 and now includes items which can be used in bars and clubs and those include beer trays, pint glasses and beer pump handles but their biggest sales are still to individual men for various occasions and their biggest individual seller is the 50mmm bottle openers.

The founders of the company had served in the military as explosives ordinance officers in the navy and so that is where their expertise in military ammunition stems from but as veterans, when they founded the company they wanted to try and help other veterans and so they have opted to pay a percentage of the cost of each of the items, to various veteran organizations and charities. These donations obviously help veterans, even if it is just in a small way, and it also offers their customers the opportunity to a help veterans, something that although many people would like to do, most do not really know how they can. These gifts are therefore double gifts; first they are a gift for the intended recipient and second they are a gift for a veteran somewhere in the country.

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