House Insulation

Comparing Different Insulation

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Today there are many different materials and systems you can use to insulate your house and so choosing the right one can be a daunting task. There are however some websites that will make this task less daunting as on them thereare ceiling systems compared to other ones and other materials compared with each other, offering you the opportunity to make an educated decision as to which you should use. Once you have decided which materials or systems you wish to use, you will then have to ensure that you order the correct amount for each area you are going to insulate. Many people just get one material which can be used throughout the house and so just make one order for one type of material but others order by the room or area. The main areas which need to be insulated are the roof, the basement, external walls, ceiling and floors but in measuring these some people make some common mistakes and so I’ll point those mistakes out here so you hopefully will avoid making the same ones.

Attic – People that do not have an attic, forget that any space between the roof and the ceiling will have to be insulated as anyway.

External Walls – When measuring the external walls for insulating, many people make one of two mistakes or perhaps even both. The first mistake which is often made is they forget to count a wall that separates the house from a garage, as an external wall but for insulating purposes it is, unless the garage is fully insulated. The second mistake they make is to not include any foundation walls that may protrude above the ground but they should do.

Basements – If a house does not have a basement, people look no further but they should at least check to see if there are any crawl ways under the house as if there are, they too need to be insulated.

Having insulated all of those areas, if you want the best possible insulation, you will have to also change the doors and windows if they are not already energy efficient ones. This will of course mean extra expense but once the house has been completely insulated, the savings you will make on your energy bills will allow you to soon recoup all that you spent on insulation, doors and windows.

Once you have recouped what you initially spent on insulating your home, whatever other savings you make, are just that; savings and those savings will continue for the life of the house. Although you will have to wait several months to recoup your expenditure, you will be able to enjoy the added comfort that insulation brings to a home. On top of those benefits, it will be good to know that having been insulated, your house would have increased in value by as much as 5% and so if you ever decide to sell it, you will make that much extra money.

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