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Today, although the tradition of giving gifts on certain occasions has not changed, choosing an appropriate gift has become harder. The problem often is that today there are so many different things available that people are spoiled for choice and fluster on making a decision, worried in case the recipient has already gotten the same thing before. There is however one way to make the choosing easier and that is by going online to www.bullets2bandages.org/collections/groomsmen-giftswhere there are numerous gift ideas, all of which are unique and not available in stores.

The website belongs to Bullets2Bandagesacompany which specializes in gifts for a best man but whose gifts today range from best man gifts and bridesmaid’s gifts to gifts on father’s day and items for use in bars and clubs. All of the gifts though, regardless of who they may be for, are all themed on military ammunition like 50mm cartridges. Two classic examples which are very popular are the 50mm bottle opener and the 0.50 caliber coasters but the range of gifts also includes cuff links, key chains, six shooter shot glasses, pint glasses, beer trays and beer pump handles, all of which can be personalized by engraving. An example of an engraving could be, for a best man: Best Man, Name and Date, making them all totally unique and never repeatable,whilst the items for bars can be engraved with the name of the bar or club, perhaps even the landlord’s name.

Obviously key chains and coasters are useful but perhaps the most useful is the 50mmm bottle opener which often becomes the subject of conversation once it is taken out to be used. Gifts which are practical as well as unique are always treasured and the fact that these gifts are engraved will allow the recipients to always remember who gave them the gift and the date and occasion on which they received it.

The company was founded in 2010 by two men who had just left the military where they served as explosives ordinance officers. Their specialty therefore was in munitions and so they put that specialist knowledge to work to come up with these novel gift ideas. Their items started to sell by the middle of 2011 and have become increasingly popular ever since.

As the founders once served in the military, they wanted to help others that had also and so they decided that a percentage of the money they received for the selling of these gifts, they would make as donations to different veteran’s organizations and charities. Not only does this help some veterans and give an opportunity for their customers to help veterans as well but it probably prompted some of the bars and clubs that get a lot of veterans as customers, to buy some of the items and use them in their bars. The main reason people buy these gifts though is, they are unique, practical and ideaaly suited for any man regardless of the occasion on which the gift is being given.

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